Everyone talks about pain , I donno the perfect definition of pain but let me try to find situations when pain is occurred.if I remember something then few point are come to mind :

When my late grandpa told me that “oh! It’s too much pain today , give me any pain killer with water (medicine) when I was child I thought that this is pain but later 

I saw a person who was injured in accident and doctors were performing an operation .I heard alot of painful voices that time I realized that this is called unbearable pain after that 

One day , one of my friend was talking about his love life , they were best couple in our college ,according to him : “she left me due to some reasons and now she is girlfriend of other one ,it hurts me alot ,I can’t bear this pain , it kills my inner soul” . I was shocked because he planned many things about his future now she broke up so I can declare that he is having intolerable pain .

After some days,

An old women was sitting around the road and she is asking for money from everyone who is passing on the road , I came to her and gave her 2rupees coin that time I asked to a lorry shop keeper about old women , he told – “bhaia she has 2 sons who is servicing on high posts and her husband was a government servant last year he passed because of cancer after his death , both of sons left her alone and also auctioned her house now she has to struggled beg for food sake .” I was speechless that moment , was thinking about her pain , pain was insufferable .

After that I reached at home and things were playing in my mind still one question was arising , what is pain ?  I felt headache , it was painful that time I remembered one thing pain- killer , I went to the kitchen and took a pain killer with water 

— shiva